Aksoy Holding's requirements starting The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Bodrum project were based on the creation of a concept that offers a timeless, luxurious living space. In this context, the project, in which all technological resources have been used, was designed in a manner which would be entirely congruous with the island’s natural infrastructure and climate.

The project’s 75 luxury units, which command enchanting views of the surrounding nature, have been positioned in a manner that would preserve the sense of intimacy. While the villas offer access to an expansive beach on the sheltered western side of the peninsula, a beach bar, numerous shower units, a pool, and restaurant spaces have also been created. As well as a Water Splash Park, which offers children a safe and pleasurable area, a games room and recreation lounge for teenagers and adults set in a space which is both open and closed have also been designed.

The 3 villa types with 10 different options have been designed with an eye to the special location of the island and its geographic characteristics. Each one of the villas has been constructed in a manner that gives it wide exterior spaces offering a panoramic view.

The architectural approach of the project of preserving the feeling that the island’s natural fabric endowed alongside having modern features was always kept at the forefront. Thanks to the stone local to the region, natural materials, choice of colors and special landscaping, the project was closely integrated into the surrounding nature.

The project, in which every detail was considered without making any concession that would sacrifice comfort, presents an understanding of a modest luxury that steers away from an extreme show of pretension. Enough luxury for the island’s inhabitants to feel they are privileged, natural enough for them to be able to wander around in bare feet…

The open-plan, spacious kitchens presented in a comfortable living space offer the opportunity of a social life-style. For those seeking calm, the bedrooms far from the gaze of others grant one to experience the sense of solitude. The swimming pools are situated at the front of the property so as to enable the villa’s inhabitants to experience the delight of the sunset or in the back garden sheltered from the wind. Thanks to this placement, the pools may be used for a large part of the year.

One of the most important points kept in mind when designing the villas was intimacy. For this reason, three different access points to support staff areas have been provided, from the kitchen, the washroom, and from the exterior of the property.

We wish the villa owners as much pleasure from this special project as we experienced during the design process.

Philip Olmesdahl